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Czech Machines ICM series is the line of semi-automated index cutting machines. The purpose of the machine is to cut indexes into a finished books (soft cover and hard cover). Each book is inserted into the ICM machine by operator, then the cutting process is automated according to cutting program.

ICM 12/14/16 and the latest ICM20 index cutting machines are designed for high quality and durability, offering great value/price ratio with great flexibility regarding the type and thickness of the books which can be processed.

The user index cutting programs are created by the means of a color touchscreen and can be saved into a memory as jobs. Operator screen offers language selection.

ICM series machines feature the book clamping table with movement in 2 axis (horizontal left-right index position and vertical to follow the thickness of each cutting cycle). The cutting knives are replaceable and adjustable, allowing for several cutting patterns. The cutting cycle is automated as well as positioning of the cutting head to each index.

Our new ICM20 Index Cutting Machine features full servomotoric control with enlarged drives for faster cutting process, as well as enlarged operators touchscreen for easier and faster programming and control.

ICM machines are equipped with interface for remote diagnostics with a possibility to collect the processing data for management purposes, this can be developed and optimised on customers demand. Under the own brand Czech Machines we have manufactured many machines already during over 10 past years. With experienced design and production team and fully satisfied customers base, Enginne offers the new ICM20 Index Cutting Machine to customers and partners worldwide.

Video - index cutting

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