Multi-purpose helper
for finishing operations
in printshops.

SL-14 is a multi-purpose helper for finishing operations in printshops. Machine is built on a hydraulic press platform, which is very robust, long-lasting, stabile and maintenance free. SL-14 can accommodate modular attachments enabling following operations.

  • label punching – up to 50 mm pile of labels can be punched in one step, using a special punching tool (tools can be supplied as well)
  • die cutting – using classic flat die-cut forms made of blades on wooden plate
  • shape cutting – for notebooks and soft cover book blocks
  • corner rounding – to process up to 50 mm pile in one step, tooling with specific radius can supplied with machine

The attachments for operations above are interchangeable and retrofitable, and can be even customized for specific jobs (like 3D shape cut of notepads shown on photo).

Video - punching labels on SL-14

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