Ford Capri 3.1 S

With a great tribute to old Ford motoring culture, this page is dedicated to a Ford Capri 3.0 S renovation project. The car has been quite successful in it's first retro-racing season in 2017.

The main target of renovation was to enjoy driving of authentic Ford Capri with legendary V6 Essex engine. The old all-original used car was completely dismantled, fully step-by-step refurbished, re-sprayed (with almost no repair welding required) to original Diamond White colour, several components were improved compared to original specifications but not compromising the originality of the vehicle. Following repairs and modifications were carefully carried out.

Modifications for retrosport

  • Engine rebuild and mechanical modifications to improve performance,
  • Large aluminium radiator for proper engine cooling,
  • Free-flow air filter and intake air ducting,
  • Battery installation at rear of a car (behind rear passenger seats),
  • Fiberglass bonnet,
  • Electric fuel pump with large filter and one-way fuel valve,
  • Large diameter tubular exhaust manifolds with custom exhaust pipes and single silencers,
  • O2 sensors and gauges installation for better air/fuel mixture control and carburettor settings,
  • Quick-shift lever kit for original Type5 four-speed gearbox,
  • New propeller shaft bearings and balancing,
  • Front axle springs with stiffer rating, slightly lowering the front of car,
  • Single-leaf rear springs,
  • New Gas (front) and Bilstein (rear) shock absorbers,
  • Polyurethane bushes all round,
  • Detachable four-point seatbelts,
  • Four-pot aluminium brake calipers HISpec,
  • Limited slip differential Quaife ATB.

If you own and drive classic or racing car manufactured before 1980, you are welcome to join us!